My Name is Myeisha

12670198_1554840738164473_9054114814390826921_nMY NAME IS MYEISHA begins on the evening of December 28th, 1998, and follows our young lead through a series of events ending with her unconscious in her car, the police on their way. The instant before the unthinkable occurs, we shift to Myeisha’s inner “dreamscape.”

A narrative begins: a nonlinear trip through Myeisha’s mind, powered by her love of music, dance, and spoken word. Stark reality crashes against the radiant metaphysical as we are ferried alongside Myeisha’s thoughts and secrets, her goals and ambitions and shortcomings and talents and flaws, her strengths and weaknesses, her innermost self. Her life.

The story culminates in real time and the all-too-real events which took this young girl’s life. Myeisha Jackson, a stranger merely ninety minutes ago, gives us a look over one shoulder as she passes into final darkness, asserting simply: “You know me.”