Don’t Blink is a modern day Hitchcock-style suspense thriller in the vein of Ten Little Indians.

Ten friends on a college break take a road trip up into the mountains of New Mexico. The small cabin resort is off the beaten path and so far up the mountains that it takes a full tank of gas to get there. Of course, the resort has a gas station, so as long as you gas up at the bottom of the mountains you’ll be fine.

When they get to the resort, however, everything is definitely not fine.

There is no one there. Worse yet, the gas key to the pumps is missing. Without the key, there’s no power to the pumps. With no gas, there is no exit.

When they examine the cabins, they find signs of habitation. In one case, breakfast sits out on the table, now cold, uneaten. There are cars with their doors wide open, showers still on, and even a stove still running. But no people.

Actually, no anything. They realize that they see no animals, hear no birds, no insects; something has swept them all away, but there is no blood, no signs of struggle or of panic.

Then one by one, they start disappearing.

There is no warning, no sound, no shadow of impending doom;¦one minute they are there, the next minute they are gone.

Nine… Eight…

As the group dwindles, they desperately try to think of what to do. Should they drive on, only to run out of gas and be left defenseless in the black of night? What if they don’t get far enough away? Panic sets in and tempers flair as the fear of the unknown grows.

Seven…six… five…

They barricade themselves inside the main cabin. They watch each other, trying to stave off whatever is out there, but it only takes a second, if you take your eyes off of them, or they walk into another room.

Four… three…  Don’t blink…  Two… one…

Directed by – Travis Oates

Written by – Travis Oates

DBPOSFINStarring – Mena Suvari, Brian Austin Green, Joanne Kelly, Zack Ward



Written by echoadmin