The Blackout

The Blackout is an ensemble thriller which tells the story of four college students, an expectant couple, and a lone survival expert who are confronted by a global blackout that forces them to endure the worst of human nature as society falls apart around them.

Directed by Louis Mandylor

Written by Steve Yoon

Starring Jordan Marder, Costas Mandylor, Bill Sage, Lymari Nadal, Ronnie Blevins, Abraham Benrubi

Roswell FM

The only “normal” guy at a paranormal talk radio station quits his dream profession and takes a higher paying, but soul crushing job, to pay for his oddball nephew’s college tuition.



Directed by – Stephen Griffin

Written by – David Spence

Starring – Brendan Fehr, Jason London, Mirelly Taylor, Don Stark and Kevin Farley



In Juarez, a Mexican day laborer chooses to help his childhood friend traffic illegal migrant workers across the border despite his wife’s fears. A young mother, after waiting 7 years to cross legally, flees Juarez in a desperate attempt to get her son the medical treatment he needs in America. In New Mexico, an illegal immigrant waiting for naturalization sells drugs to pay the bills for his American born children. Their paths collide when a low level Mexican gangster tries to work up the ladder to gain favor with the “Don” of Juarez, risking their lives as he traffics people and drugs across the border.


Directed by Rick Dupont

Written by Carl Lucas

Story by Carl Lucas and Marco Shepherd

Starring Shirley Rumierk, Luis Bordonada, Omar Leyva, J. Salome Martinez, Jorge Jimenez and Art Lafleur