Adam wants to save the world.  Adam wants to save himself.

A brilliant scientist makes the discovery of a lifetime; a renewable, self replicating and adaptable database called simply “The Sphere.”  Potentially powerful enough to store and communicate an infinite amount of data, it grows, microscopic in size on Adam’s workbench.  But tragedy strikes even those who would save the world, and when his son dies in an auto accident, Adam’s inner guilt and bereavement prevent him from finishing his work.

For years, Adam roams the street, homeless, unable to cope with the burden of responsibility he claims in his son’s death.   But his mind won’t lie still, and he desperately looks for a way to alleviate the mind splitting headaches that rock his body.

He begins building a device to connect him back to the sphere; a conduit to release the pain and the emotions inside him.  He meets a young boy named Henry who shows him that good can still exist in man.  Henry helps Adam find parts for his device; a small box with a pendulum inside, that fuses itself to the top of Adam’s head.

But relief is fleeting, and as access to the sphere becomes available, Adam finds he must build bigger  boxes to keep his mind functioning.  As a gift, Adam builds a box for Henry.  Henry plugs into the sphere and for the first time, two people are able to share without limit their thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The empathy between the two is overwhelming and pain is replaced with understanding.

Henry recruits his friends and more and more people connect to the sphere.  As the need for power grows, so do the boxes on Adam’s head, stacking higher and higher.  The more people who connect to the sphere, the simpler the world becomes.  Adam realizes that by experiencing each other’s pain, love, apathy, prejudice and more we can understand why we hurt each other.  Why we hate.

As the weight of the boxes begins to hold him down, Adam finds that connecting with the world is beginning to affect his connections with those who care about him.  His relationship with Henry goes neglected as his responsibility to the world grows.  The closer he comes to redemption, the farther away it seems.

But the truth is, Adam must still learn one last lesson, before he can let go of his pain.  Before he can ascend to the next plane.

Adam wants to save the world.  And by doing so, he might just save himself.


Directed by – Eddie Alcazar

Written by – Eddie Alcazar, Carl Lucas

Starring – Aaron Behr, Larry Cedar

Written by echoadmin